Saturday, 24 April 2010

paradoxical intention

Lingering Whispers

07 may – 06 june 2010

crypt, st pancras church,
euston road,
london nw1 2ba
united kingdom
opening night on the 6th of may 2010 from 6 pm

with live performances by clementine the living fashion doll & ricci/forte
music by stéphane richez

photo © Cyrille Weiner & Christophe Haleb, 2 Fresh 2 Die, 2008

photo © Cyrille Weiner & Christophe Haleb, 2 Fresh 2 Die, 2008

pedrag pajdic curates an exhibition comprising of 40 international artists hunting for alternative ways of expression during the economic crisis. the exhibition in named lingering whispers will be held between 07 may and 06 june 2010 at the crypt of st pancras church in london.lingering whispers participants want to prove that art is always the best antidote to any kind of crisis and despair. art and fashion, stage and catwalk, conscious and subconscious will merge into one and some promising contemporary artists, poets, performers, fashion designers and photographers will unite to celebrate imagination and eliminate pigeonholes of convention.

photo © Roberto Foddai, Another Taboo, 2009

photo © Carolyn Cowan, Rose, 2009

photo © Stefania Bonatelli, Suddenly, 2009

*slaughtering: looking forward to attending such a sought-after event.massive recommendations.pedrag pajdic has already served as a major inspiration to slaughterhouse blog through the pandorian. stay tuned for slaughterhouse's exclusive photos of the event, soon to come.

Predrag Pajdic – curator
Virginie Puertolas-Syn - producer

participating artists in alphabetical order //
Al Giga/Alexandra Eldridge/Barney Ashton/Carolyn Cowan/Christina Kruse/Christophe Haleb/Christopher Stribley/Cyrille Weiner/Daniel Holfeld/Devin Elijah/Dom Agius/Emiliano Lazzarotto/Erick Soler/Errikos Andreou/Fran Dileo/Frances Goodman/Iris Schieferstein/J. L. Nash/Jeanne-Salomé Rochat/Joachim Baldauf/Katarina Mootich/Katharina Hesse/Kobi Israel/Lee Wagstaff/Maflohé Passedouet/Manuel Estevez/Mark Mander/Mauro Santucci/Michal Ohana-Cole/Pascale Lafay/Pato Rivero/ Petra Reimann/ ricci/forte/ Roberto Foddai/Sang Bleu/Sarah Bailey/Scooter Laforge/Stefania Bonatelli/Tapio Snellman/Tupac Martir/Wolfgang Stiller/Wren Britton/Yvonne De Rosa