Friday, 5 November 2010

not on one strand are all life's jewels strung

liana pattihis, alysodeméno/chained, 2010

*slaughtering: liana pattihis has been exploring the area of enamelling in contemporary jewellery and has developed her own unique method of sifting and fusing it.her designs cannot be pre-conceived; each piece is allowed to create itself. alysodeméno/chained is her newest collection which comprises mainly of brooches and necklaces made out of silver and gold chain alone, or chain attached onto a copper mesh base which are then enamelled.

her first solo exhibition will take place @ the hellenic centre,
16-18 paddington street, london, w1u 5as,
from friday 12nov. - monday 15nov. 2010
opening hours: friday and monday: 11am-7pm
saturday and sunday: 1pm-7pm

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

emptiness & solitude

nuestra señora de los dolores (monflorite), virgen del vallejo (alcozar)

san bartolomé (ucero), santa cristina de lena (san lorenzo de felgueras)

san andres apostol (soto de san esteban), san vicente (cervera de pisuerga)

la immaculada concepción (guijosa), santissima trinidad (iturgoyen)

*slaughtering: the word ermita, which has a similar structure in all languages derived from latin, holds the same meaning as its equivalents in non-latin languages. it always refers to an uninhabited or isolated place. in romance languages it comes from the latin word eremus, again derived from greek eremos, which means deserted. in spain, the use of the hermitage, or ermita, has shifted throughout history, but it has always been an isolated sanctuary or chapel. belgian photographer sebastian schutyser has dedicated himself to his project "ermita" for the last seven years. he has been wandering around in northern spain looking for early christian and romanesque hermitages in rural is truly amazing how this photographic mission has managed to capture such intense and moving images and convey the significance of such spaces. hopefully a better appreciation of this often neglected heritage will form an essential step in a changing attitude towards its preservation.

ménage à trois

"I love you. you love me.
you love otto. I love otto.
otto loves you. otto loves me."

*slaughtering: taking place in the three most iconic cities of the world - paris, london and new york - this love trio is trying to balance a relationship that runs through lust, egocentricity and addiction. smart and quirky dialogues, among very well thought scene settings, compose a really peculiar play that deals with human affair in its most passionate form. the two male actors give their best, in a play that is definitely going to make you laugh and redefine the bonding of an unorthodox relationship.

plain spaces

*slaughtering: "the father of modern architectural minimalism". the design museum presents a major exhibition of the work of john pawson. often described as a 'minimalist' he is known for a rigorous process of reduction, that creates designs of simplicity, grace and visual clarity. at the heart of the exhibition is a site-specific 1:1, full-sized installation designed by pawson to offer a direct experience of his work - the first such installation at the museum.

design museum / 22 September – 30 January 2011

c a n d e s c e n c e

*slaughtering: the installation is an array of acoustically responsive spheres activated by sound and touch. human interaction triggers an ascendance of vision, light and sound in a cyclic loop of which the individual is integral. the project explores the notion of psychoacoustics and acousmatics applied in an architectural space. the sonic and radiant atmosphere inhabits and alters one's perception of the former empress coach house space.

ps: such a misfortune to have missed this incredible event. hopefully kite & laslett will strike again soon. pictures above have been taken from their private collection.

lead your way

*slaughtering: as part of the london design festival, antwerp-based graphic designer paul boudens presented a large-scale installation at the wapping project. the piece was produced in collaboration with designer bob verhelst. the installation was on display from 3rd september until 3rd october 2010. a bit late on the upload of this post but it was a definite must see. paul boudens achieved to invent and construct an evocative journey through his exhibition, were the designs become your boundaries. bold, colourful, current and enigmatic.

frame and capture

clermont-ferrand, 2009 - george rousse/adagp,courtesy galerie rx(paris)

chasse-sur-rhone, 2008 - george rousse/adagp,courtesy galerie rx(paris)

chasse-sur-rhone, 2008 - george rousse/adagp,courtesy galerie rx(paris)

chambery, 2008 - george rousse/adagp,courtesy galerie rx(paris)

vicenza, 2007 - george rousse/adagp,courtesy galerie rx(paris)

seoul, 2000 - george rousse/adagp,courtesy galerie rx(paris)

*slaughtering: rousse’s work, from the 1990s to today, appears to be photos of desolate or abandoned spaces, on which the artist has superimposed precise geometrical shapes or graffiti.

this type of work is referred to as anamorphic art. It changes but is only viewable in its intended focus from one precise viewpoint. The projects involve not only painting, but often construction of major proportion! curved walls, angles of light all play into the finished project.