Monday, 12 July 2010

dum d(r)um dum

music for one apartment and six drummers by ola simonsson and johannes stjarne nilsson , kostr-film.

*slaughtering: a classic that many of you have probably seen before, but still- the moment when the smartly dressed gang leaves their volvo for a well-planned guerilla performance is a slaughterhouse's favorite.

Sunday, 11 July 2010


if you were confronted by an emergency life-or-death situation involving another person, would you know how to respond in super quick time and save their life using first aid?

these executions for the uk's st. john ambulance—a charity that teaches first aid— have been out for a while now,encouraging members of the public to learn first aid. five tragic stories are presented, those of abigail, samuel, tony, keiko, gary.the five situations are: choking, heart not beating, severe bleeding, heart attack and blocked airway.
each picture shows the subject with eyes closed, text telling the story of the medical emergency that became fatal only because no one knew what to do.

*slaughtering: photographer nadav kander shot these fictional serene death portraits for london agency bbh. the campaign revolves around "the difference", raising levels of knowledge and skill as well as financial support for the organisation. The print series won a gold press lion at cannes international advertising festival.
nadav's breathtaking pictures will hopefully benefit the campaign immensely.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


in 1991, the parisian design gallerist patrick seguin went to see a discarded prouvé treasure. the ferembal house had been built as the offices for a can factory in nancy in 1948. the factory was demolished 30 years later and the prouvé pre fab nearly ended up in the dumpster. luckily, a local who understood what could be lost, packed it away until seguin came to investigate and took it off his hands. it took him another 10 years to stockpile the funds to renovate the house and another nine – working with prouvé experts in nancy, the designer-engineer-architect’s town, and seguin’s long-term pal, the architect jean nouvel – to actually complete the renovation.

seguin estimates that the building – all one storey and 180 square metres of it – is now worth €8m. but the restored ferembal house is important not because of its price tag but because it is more evidence of the genius in prouvé’s radical utilitarian design.

*slaughtering: wallpaper*
produced a fascinating video detailing the restoration of jean prouve’s ferembal house. the video explains how prouve’s gem was brought back to life. undoubtedly a worth-watching video with aesthetically rich art design and a quite high nostalgic touch.