Sunday, 11 July 2010


if you were confronted by an emergency life-or-death situation involving another person, would you know how to respond in super quick time and save their life using first aid?

these executions for the uk's st. john ambulance—a charity that teaches first aid— have been out for a while now,encouraging members of the public to learn first aid. five tragic stories are presented, those of abigail, samuel, tony, keiko, gary.the five situations are: choking, heart not beating, severe bleeding, heart attack and blocked airway.
each picture shows the subject with eyes closed, text telling the story of the medical emergency that became fatal only because no one knew what to do.

*slaughtering: photographer nadav kander shot these fictional serene death portraits for london agency bbh. the campaign revolves around "the difference", raising levels of knowledge and skill as well as financial support for the organisation. The print series won a gold press lion at cannes international advertising festival.
nadav's breathtaking pictures will hopefully benefit the campaign immensely.

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  1. bravo!!exceptional abilities!everyone should know...