Friday, 5 November 2010

not on one strand are all life's jewels strung

liana pattihis, alysodeméno/chained, 2010

*slaughtering: liana pattihis has been exploring the area of enamelling in contemporary jewellery and has developed her own unique method of sifting and fusing it.her designs cannot be pre-conceived; each piece is allowed to create itself. alysodeméno/chained is her newest collection which comprises mainly of brooches and necklaces made out of silver and gold chain alone, or chain attached onto a copper mesh base which are then enamelled.

her first solo exhibition will take place @ the hellenic centre,
16-18 paddington street, london, w1u 5as,
from friday 12nov. - monday 15nov. 2010
opening hours: friday and monday: 11am-7pm
saturday and sunday: 1pm-7pm

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