Tuesday, 6 April 2010


calm but not sterile.
humble, and yet unexpected.

cheungvogl, 2 houses, tokyo, 2010

'because of the repulsive urban environment, we have no other choice than to create a private space by thick walls, protecting it', tatao ando,1977. rough concrete,age timber and simple detailing. the two houses, standing side by side, related and yet separated.

volume me up, volume me down

embaixada arquitectura, tomar environmental monitoring offices, portugal,2007


gordon matta-clark, conical intersect, 1975.

matta-clark's contribution to the paris biennale of 1975,manifested his critique of urban gentrification in the form of a radical incision through two adjacent 17th-century buildings designated for demolition near the much-contested centre georges pompidou, which was then under construction.

gordon matta-clark, office baroque, 1977.

office baroque, a lyrical cutting through a five-story antwerp office building, was the artist’s second-to-last architectural project. matta-clark described the piece as 'a walk through a panoramic arabesque'.

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