Friday, 9 April 2010


athens benchmark

athens benchmark industrial design contest is all about giving a makeover of new benches throughout the city. the public will view and vote for the best 100 proposals until the 6th of april (voting continues until the end of april) and a jury will decide the final three works whose creators will receive cash and prizes. at least one project will be implemented and produced en masse to gear up athens for the change!

slaughterhouse viewed and voted.

*slaughtering: +prons: we do like this kind of initiatives taking place in athens. we do believe that there are plenty of talented and full of potential people in this city and they should be constantly given the chance to take part in this kind of competitions. we do love and support every effort made to help improve city life.

pagkaki apo felo kai tsimento.

leaves in the city.

bench #210.

robust bech.

-cons: we were pretty enthusiastic about this competition. the website was really slow at that time, and we couldn't help but wonder how the bench-entries would look like. to our surprise, we realized that most of the contestants had not taken this competition seriously-or at least that's what we 'd like to believe instead of taking for granted that greeks lack of taste. parthenon lookalikes, bold shapes, and tacky materials were all over the website. take a look.

history/aaa ooo polis/post classism/zen


  1. Isn't "felos" a very bad choice of material for a public bench? It would take less than a week for them to be destroyed. The SLAUGHTERHOUSE is being very kind to the artists, who indeed lack in taste- maybe with the exception of the "leaf" benches. -Mara

  2. very bad choice indeed! considering it will ruin in -I dont know- after 2 days of rain!!! nevertheless I can not help but admire some of the ideas! I checked the website, and voted as well! ;)