Wednesday, 14 April 2010

que pasa, que pasa, la musica en casa, vol.1

robin romei exclusively @ slaughterhouse

*slaughtering: interviewed robin romei, the front-man of the uk based band robin romei.

tell us a bit about your music; what's your sound like?
the way I think about it is this: taking a basic rock formula, making it more upbeat and danceable, whilst making the lyrical content less accessible and by sticking synth on the top to fill the spaces.

do you write all the songs yourself? what is inspiring to you? i know you are studying architecture ...has this ever been a source of inspiration as well?

currently I write all the music myself. generally I write the music at home by recording different ideas and seeing what comes out and experimenting. it is a liberating experience because there are no limitations. the songs are already recorded at home before I take them to the live band, and then we perform the recordings.
how did you know this about architecture? in answer you your question; i write about the simple things and about the details of everyday life. "god is in the details." mies van der rohe.

some of these songs sound so harrowing and personal. what's it like to live with them night after night?
i find it the opposite. i love playing some of the songs because there is that emotional attachment. to play the songs live is to relive the memories which is such a powerful thing.

you 've had several gigs till now,what can people expect from your live shows ?
first of all, expect great banter. we love to have a laugh with the audience. the setup consists of a three piece, with jj, paddy and myself. paddy is one of the best drummers I have played with, he loves experimenting with cross-rhythms and variations of the original tracks live. jj really gets into it and digs in. the songs become 'unpacked' live and really come to life.

when are your london shows? where are your next gigs?
we have a london show in mid-june before we go to california to play some shows out there. we will probably have another one in late may confirmed soon, so come down for that.

what's the connection between you and the rest of the band? do you feel like there's one type of music that brings you all together?
we all went to school together, however we have only been playing together for a few months. musically we all liked the same music growing up, albeit with slight differences, but now we are very open minded and could comfortably listen to any form of music or would enjoy jamming most forms.

are you recording an album anytime soon ?
financially it's hard to produce the album you want without spending a lot of money. i have a clear idea of how I want songs to sound, that is why recording is very frustrating for me. however, we are recording some new demos which are nearing completion.

photos by kerry rice photography.

slaughterhouse's favorite robin romei's tune, "gun hill"

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