Monday, 3 May 2010

what would I be, were it not for my confessions...

time away: produced by norwegian directors matias rygh & mathias eriksenexclusively for bjørg 2010

“it happened.
am I remembering it, or am I just remembering myself remembering it?
I almost cherish not knowing why or how.
but I still seek an explanation.
some things happen, over and over, outside of one’s own control or desires.
the pieces that are missing, are they gone with good reason?
I would like to be honest about all of this.
because I know what is right and what is wrong.
what would I be, were it not for my confessions...
and my logic.
empty holes...
and lies;
I am memory.

*slaughtering: outstanding, sensitive and elegant. accompanied by the amazing music composition of bengt hanssen ,as well as the breathtaking narrative voiceover, 'time away' seduced us. it is such a pleasure to witness this relatively new way of viewing fashion. not too long ago fashion film genre was barely on the radar. today it is booming and shorts like the one that matias rygh & mathias eriksen shot are making this innovative way of 'selling' high-street brands a worth admiring form of expression.


  1. This is such a sensitive and elegant short.
    It is very well shot, and I'm dying to understand how they did the "water-effect", especially on the girl's hair.
    Ad far as the script goes, I'm glad it discards the concept of " you are neither your past, nor your future, just the present."
    I'll consider this my nameday gift!
    You made my day. Love- Mara

  2. it simply gives you goosebumps...
    crazy for a short film
    such an impact
    but if you think about it its a bit disappointing that such a powerful clip is simply to sell jewelry...
    it is taking advantage of your inner feelings it is so intense that you actually believe that you need the jewelry to have a memory!
    HAving said that i wouldnt say no to buying one of their pieces !!! im a sucker
    100% effective

  3. difficult to undestand it but very easy to feel it!!exellent video with many explanations!!

    are we memories or are we the future living for our memories?

  4. our theory in a nutshell: the script points out how memories 'work'. as you said you are neither your past, nor your future, you might never find out who you are or who you are trying to be.. it is always going to be indefinable just like most of our memories. it is also striking, the point that you spotted. nowadays fashion industry activates all of its means in order to 'sell'. sad or innovative?