Friday, 11 June 2010

slow box after image

shin egashira created this project for the first tsumari international art triennial in 2000. he intended to make linkage between 7 towns of tsumari district. it required the construction of an over-sized camera vehicle (slow box) and an archive space (after image). slow box can fit a person inside its wooden structure. it travels across villages with a help of an agricultural tractor. with 15-30min-exposure time, it directly prints (imprint) images in the size of 1.5×1.5 meter square on to 5mm thick glass pane coated with photo emulsion.

some shots from the transportation of the mini structure among the small villages and the transition from horizontal position to vertical.

some of the resulting images can be seen above.

the installation shots are from the school gym in kurokawa village, where the prints were displayed in august 2000.

"the pictures were eventually displayed in an old hall with tall windows hugh up on a remote hillside. twenty or so large sheets of glass with images showing the people of this quiet corner of japan, the sepia colour and hazy focus conjuring up anthropological images that could have been taken a hundred years before."

for more information on shin egashira's work click here.

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